The services you provided have made an enormous difference - not only to me and my brother - but much more importantly to my sister! I found you at a very early and low point in my new life of being a caretaker for my sister. From our first conversation I felt encouraged, supported - basically less alone in my struggle to create some sort of satisfying life for her - and more freedom for my brother and me. --Billie L


The two resources you put me in touch with are both phenomenal!  The simple fact that my sister believes they are her friends - and not hired help - makes a huge impact on how my loved one feels about herself as well as the time they spend together. It gives her a sense of normalcy and autonomy. --Ben L


Debra can clarify the complex. She is as clinically sound as she is empathetic. ADVOCATE FOR MOM AND DAD is a great resource for adult children. --Chris K.

I have known Deb for over 20 years and have carefully observed her as she has tackled the steep learning curve of effective elder care, starting with her Dad and now with her Mom. Deb is patient, kind, level-headed, street smart and extremely thorough as a decision maker. She loves to help others with problem-solving, anticipates client needs and is highly customer-focused and supportive. She mentors and helps you discover an approach that is best for your parent, you and your family overall - she doesn't try to sell you anything or press you into her way of thinking. If you're not connecting with her as you learn the elder care ropes, you're really missing out on a big opportunity to reduce stress and anxiety for all the stakeholders in your decision process.--Pat F


Debra has been so helpful to me in offering advice for me in dealing with my 92-year-old mother who lives in a different state. Knowing I have a resource with knowledge of so many different things related to seniors is not only helpful but a comfort. Thanks, Debra, for your assistance. --Karen M